Vision & Values

CryptoRaggies was founded first and foremost as a project celebrating the love and companionship of the amazing ragdoll cat breed. At the same time, being real blockchain enthusiasts and Cardano fans ourselves, we added a touch of blockchain culture to our artwork, and used them to pay tribute to the diversity of our community as well!

We have a long term vision for CryptoRaggies and CNFT in general. At the core, we believe in fully harnessing the technological powers of NFTs which is a technology that goes far beyond just art. Our stand is that art is merely one aspect where NFT technology can be applied to, but it is by no means all there is to NFTs. Therefore, throughout the life of this project we have, and will continue to, explore ways to expand the usecases of blockchain and NFT technology in a decentralised future.

We are Visionaries
We are Trailblazers
We are CryptoRaggies

Here at CryptoRaggies, we uphold a set of core values that align very closely with the Cardano ethos.

"Measure twice, cut once"
We firmly believe that great things take time to build. We value correctness, and when we do something, we ensure that we do it right and we do not mind if this means we take longer than expected. Because this means that when we launch something, we are sure to launch it right.

"Build, and they will come"
We do not believe in empty hype. We like the slow organic growth that our project is getting, building up a core community who share our vision and values, and will reap the benefits of the long game with us as we grow together.

"Build together, grow together"
We value community - not just our own community, but the entire Cardano community as well. We are constantly interacting with other projects and communities, finding ways to build bridges, help each other and grow together. Building together is the only sustainable way to grow the ecosystem.

"Open communication and results speak for themselves"
We are always transparent about what we do. We constantly share our progress with our community and there is no short of developer/team member presence in our social media channels and Discord community. We are always welcoming direct feedback from the community as well, because this project is built for the community. Some may criticise our lack of a roadmap, but we staunchly oppose a cookie-cutter approach at evaluating the merits of a project. Results speak for themselves - we have a track record of delivering, and this is more important than endless lists of unsustainably grand promises.

Journey & Promises

Since our launch in September 2021, we have evolved from a simple "10k PFP project" into a rich ecosystem touching all aspects of web3 technology, including NFTs, free-to-play and play-to-earn gaming, DeFi and GameFi! Read on to see how far we've come!

  • September 2021

    Our Humble Beginnings

    On 25th September 2021, the first of our VIP Plushie NFTs were minted! The following day, we launched the first CryptoRaggies NFT public mint. This set us on a journey of no return - always striving to outdo ourselves and create value for our supporters and community.

  • September 2021

    Wave 1 Sold Out

    The first CryptoRaggies NFT drop was launched with a Discord size of roughly 200 members. We managed to sell out 1000 NFTs in 4 days, and the community has been organically growing ever since.

  • October 2021

    1st CNFT Gaming Token
    RaggieCoin $RAG

    Shortly after our first sell-out, the full supply of RaggieCoins was minted on 2nd October 2021. This launched 100,000,000 $RAG into circulation, as the first NFT Gaming Native Token on Cardano. With our VIP programme freshly launched, fortnightly VIP airdrops of $RAG was formally set in perpetual motion.

  • October 2021

    Alpha Release of RaggieRun

    First Play2Earn CNFT Game

    During our first mint, we teased a lot about a game we were making, and sure enough we did not disappoint the community. A closed alpha version of RaggieRun was launched to our VIP members in October 2021.

  • October 2021

    Developed First In-Game Cardano Wallet Integration

    At launch, RaggieRun was already one of the first working games on Cardano with a live wallet connection, and certainly the first one available to play outside of the core development team! The first version of our wallet connection code only supported Nami wallet, as it was the only wallet with a dApp connector at that point.

  • October 2021

    SushiBytes In-Game Partnership

    True to our vision and values, we approached the SushiBytes team and developed our in-game partnership showcasing SushiBytes NFTs as part of our RaggieRage superpowers. SushiBytes was chosen as a partner because of our immense respect for the team since the very early days of CNFT.

  • October 2021 to February 2022

    Continuous Weekly Update of RaggieRun

    RaggieRun remained in alpha testing through to February 2022. Over these months, RaggieRun moved from closed alpha to open alpha phase, during which all CryptoRaggies NFT holders can play the game. We pushed weekly updates to the game, building features such as RaggieRage and RaggieRush superpowers. Early players were rewarded by a very generous leaderboard, turning the casual game into an intense competition within the community every week!

  • November 2021

    NFT Verification Discord Bot

    We developed our own CNFT Asset Verification Discord bot. This bot functions differently from most other bots available in the CNFT space as it reads asset holdings directly from the user's connected wallet, without needing to send an on-chain transaction and awaiting transaction ID in order to prove ownership. This reduces unnecessary blockchain transactions which help ameliorate the congestion at a time when activity on Cardano grew rapidly.

  • December 2021

    Wave 2  Sold Out

    Without much fanfare, we launched our second mint when there were around 500 members in our Discord server. This mint took a long time, but we eventually managed to sell out without any support from influencers. It is also during this phase when we started developing strong ties with several other projects in the CNFT community, getting involved in fun social activities such as weekly cross-server game nights which have proven very popular!

  • December 2021

    Developed Native Token NFT Minting

    Christmas 2021 was a special occasion. This is because we developed our system to enable minting of the Festive Raggie collectible token on RaggieStore using our native token $RAG, creating real tangible utility for our community and setting the stage for further implementations of $RAG-powered purchases down the line.

  • December 2021

    Long-Term Partnership

    December 2021 was a truly special month indeed. On top of multiple significant developmental breakthroughs in our project's core, we have also entered into a long-term partnership with one of the most striking, creative and characterful projects on Cardano - BlockOwls! This partnership started with the implementation of BlockOwls within RaggieRun, and the establishment of a dedicated weekly BlockOwls special leaderboard featuring enhanced $RAG and NFT prizes for winners!

  • January 2021

    Launch of Multi-Signature RaggieStore

    The first iteration of RaggieStore relied on a relay system involving NFT-Maker PRO APIs to mint NFTs using our native token $RAG. The launch of Festive Raggie back in December highlighted a few imperfections of this system and that set us on a course to improve the reliability and throughput of RaggieStore. In Janurary, we successfully deployed our multi-signature minting code on RaggieStore. The first token we minted using multi-signature transactions was the Useless Raggie, which has now become a cult symbol within our community! All subsequent additions, including in-game add-ons, are minted using multi-signature transactions on RaggieStore!

  • January 2022

    Boss Fight and In-Game Item

    Some may think that an "infinite runner" game is easy to make, but trust us, the complexity of RaggieRun is no easy feat. We have even one-upped ourselves by creating a boss fight within the game, introducing the first in-game item that can be minted on RaggieStore using $RAG multi-signature transactions! Our boss fight also deepened the connection between us and BlockOwls, with BlockOwls helping us create a professional 3D cutscene leading into the fight.

  • January 2022

    Initial $RAG/ADA Liquidity Pool on SundaeSwap 

    With the launch of SundaeSwap on Cardano Mainnet, we fulfilled our promise to our community by supplying a large $RAG/ADA initial liquidity on the DEX. We also actively encouraged the community to help build the liquidity pool and launched a liquidity provider airdrop event, airdropping 51 SundaeRaggies to our early liquidity providers!

  • February 2022

    Procedural Map Generation

    In February 2022, just before the conclusion of RaggieRun alpha, we implemented yet another significant, scalable feature in the game! We creating a secret dungeon for Raggies with the HUD trait using procedural map generation. This ensures that every dungeon is different every time.

  • March 2022

    Beta Release of RaggieRun

    First Free-to-Play & Play-and-Earn CNFT Game

    March 2022 saw the launch of RaggieRun beta, transforming the game into the first Free-to-Play, Play-and-Earn game on Cardano! In beta, players no longer need to hold a Raggie NFT in order to play the game. This is made possible by NFT staking, where holders stake their Raggies for non-holders to choose from when they log on. Free-to-Play players also enter a dedicated F2P leaderboard with different rewards!

  • March 2022

    Development of Wallet Integrated Website

    We completely revamped and relaunched our website in March 2022, featuring wallet connection with $handle support. 

  • March 2022

    Member Zone & Account Management

    In our new website is a dedicated wallet-connected area - Member Zone. Holders of our NFTs can enter the area and view or manage their assets. During our minting period, holders of special Raggies which grant a minting discount can access this benefit through Member Zone.

  • March 2022

    NFT Staking

    First CNFT Game With Staking

    Within Member Zone, it is also possible to manage all things related to the user's account with us - this includes Discord connection, staking of Raggie NFTs, etc.

  • March 2022

    XP to $RAG Conversion

    A True Play-and-Earn System

    Members with XP earned from staking, playing our games, or from receiving tips on Discord can now convert these XP into $RAG from within Member Zone! This makes RaggieRun a true Play-and-Earn game, as earning of $RAG from the game no longer depend exclusively on leaderboard rankings! Anyone who plays the game can now earn $RAG, and Raggie NFT stakers get rewarded with even more $RAG!

  • March 2022

    Wave 3 Sold Out

    We launched our Phase 3 Raggies NFT Mint under a new policy as our previous policy was locked. With significant developments in multi-signature transactions within our project ecosystem, we launched this mint using this game-changing technology and sold out in 1 day - an achievement we'll forever be proud of!

  • April 2022

    RaggieCoin Vesting Begins for NFT Stakers

    We have formally launched our RaggieCoin vesting schedule for CryptoRaggies NFT stakers. This is a 2-year decreasing rate schedule designed to benefit and reward early adopters at a time when we focus heavily on developing new utility for RaggieCoin.

  • April 2022

    Easter Collaborative Charity Mint - RaggieBun

    Over the Easter Weekend of 2022, we launched our first ever charity mint with our collaborative partner C_Bunnies. This NFT was minted exclusively in RaggieStore using $RAG, and all proceeds were donated to Wildlife Conservation Society. Through the efforts of our loving community and C_Bunnies, we managed to raise a total of 632 ADA for a good cause, and one lucky RaggieBun holder saw their NFT transform into a Golden RaggieBun, allowing them to receive a physical handcrafted RaggieBun from C_Bunnies!

  • May 2022

    RaggieRun Mobile Launched

    First CNFT Game with Proof of Asset Ownership Mechanism

    After lots of development and internal testing, we finally managed to launch RaggieRun on mobile! This is the first step towards propelling Cardano NFTs towards mass adoption by combining a super casual gameplay with cute NFTs and a Free-to-Play, Play-and-Earn system. We even created our own proprietary log-in system to ensure proof of asset ownership on mobile so players can now earn XP and $RAG while on the go!

  • May 2022

    Wave 4 Sold Out

    After working on some marketing and launching our first game RaggieRun on Android mobile with wallet link, we starting our Wave 4 mint which was an immense success! The originally planned 500 Raggies were close to sold out by the end of the whitelist mint window and after a team meeting we decided to release a further 500 Raggies for public mint. These were all reserved 30 minutes into the mint, and were completely sold out and confirmed on-chain in 2 hours! This is the most intense demand we have seen since the inception of our project, and provides confidence and direction for us to plan our future mints!

  • May 2022

    Raggie Rehoming Centre

    In mid-May 2022, we launched the Raggie Rehoming Centre, accessible via RaggieStore. The premise is simple - all RaggieStore purchases using $RAG require a small ADA fee for minUTxO. Because all the $RAG in the RaggieStore wallet can simply be kept in a single UTxO, this leads to a roughly 1.2 ADA profit for every transaction. As purchases build up, we realised that we could use this ADA profit to buy "floor" Raggies off the secondary market, and list them on our site for "rehoming" using $RAG.

    This is beneficial in multiple ways. By buying "floor" Raggies, we apply a constant buy pressure on the market hence raising floor price.

    By allowing the community to rehome Raggies using $RAG, we create utility and demand for $RAG. This effect is amplified by the fact that we always list Raggies for rehoming for a $RAG cost less than the ADA equivalent of the current secondary market floor price, ensuring that rehoming a Raggie is always the least costly way to obtain a Raggie outside of minting. Over time, the Raggie Rehoming Centre is anticipated to be an important part of a cyclical economy we create to ensure our tokenomics remain sustainable.

  • June 2022

    Launch of Limited Edition Commemorative VasilRaggie NFT

    June 2022 is a very important month for Cardano, with the launch of the Vasil Hard Fork on testnet initially, and then the planned deployment on mainnet at the end of June.

    The Vasil Hard Fork was planned to bring significant improvements to the scalability of the Cardano blockchain. We have launched a special limited edition NFT to commemorate this important milestone, and to celebrate the life of the man whom this Hard Fork Combinator event was named after - Vasil Dabov.

    Each VasilRaggie features the iconic ginkgo leaves as a special background, inspired by Vasil's life as an experienced ginkgologist. The VasilRaggie also has a special utility as a permanent raffle ticket for whitelist raffles and other special raffle events within our community.

  • June 2022

    Wave 5 Sold Out

    With the success of our Wave 4 mint, we launched another 1000 Raggies in our Wave 5 mint which was fully reserved 20min into public sale, with all transactions confirmed and officially sold out 2hr 30min from the start of public sale. We thank everyone in our community from the bottom of our hearts for always supporting us!

  • June 2022

    Proxies Store

    Building Utility For All In Cardano

    Cardano Proxies is one of the projects building on Cardano which we truly admire. They have amazing artwork and a very elaborate, sophisticated but realistic project goals and plans, and a dedicated and professional team working together to achieve the project goals.

    We are therefore extremely honoured to be approached by the Cardano Proxies team to build their Proxies Store for them, powering it with the multi-sig minting tech which we developed in-house. Proxies Store launched on 22nd June with 10,000 unique raffle tickets available to mint using $PROXIE tokens and ADA. 

  • June 2022

    Launch of RaggieShrine

    Creating New Utility From Spent Utility

    We introduced Blaze, the Raggie Almighty, to our community through RaggieShrine, a place where members can offer their expired RaggieRun in-game tokens to Blaze by burning them in exchange for an entry into a mega raffle where exclusive and powerful rewards can be won!

    The Lilac Chip was announced and launched alongside RaggieShrine, and a range of legendary RaggieRun in-game add-ons lasting 14 days were also introduced. These items are currently exclusive to RaggieShrine!

    Through RaggieShrine, we have truly created utility from spent utility!

  • July 2022

    New RaggieRun Collaboration - NFT Invaderz

    We have entered into an agreement to team up with NFT Invaderz to give more utility and value to holders of their Stardust ($DUST) tokens and Pixendo Spaceship NFTs since the Pixendo project has been fully absorbed under the NFT Invaderz brand.

    This collaboration involves the launch of a dedicated NFT Invaderz leaderboard for holders of Pixendo Spaceships or $DUST tokens. This leaderboard is also available in Free-to-Play mode, hence no one who wants to play and benefit from this collaboration will miss out just because they don't own a Raggie! Remember, we are here to build value for Cardano!

  • July 2022

    Launch of RaggiePurrse, Our Own Ecosystem Light Wallet

    First Mobile-Friendly, Cross-Platform Cardano Light Wallet with Ecosystem Link Capabilities

    The lack of true web3 connectivity on mobile devices is a long term problem on Cardano. None of the existing wallets provide a solution that can be used to establish true wallet connection with mobile games built as a native mobile app.

    We have launched RaggieRun Mobile on Android since May 2022, but in order to establish proof of asset ownership, we used a convoluted method to create a RaggieCode by getting the players to sign a message with their Cardano wallet. This still required a dApp connector which currently does not exist on mobile devices, and the experience is far from streamlined.

    Therefore we created RaggiePurrse, an ecosystem light wallet which runs as a progressive web app and therefore is truly cross-platform and not constrained within a browser extension. Players with RaggiePurrse are now able to interact with our entire ecosystem including RaggieStore, RaggieShrine, RaggieRun and Raggie Rehoming Centre regardless of the device they are using!

  • July 2022

    Launch of 2nd RaggieRun Boss Fight - PRED

    We are deeply honoured to join forces with another powerhouse NFT project on Cardano with solid fundamentals and a clear long-term vision - Derp Birds.

    Derp Birds are true innovators who have built a very successful gamified NFT collection ecosystem with many amazing innovations such as multi-sig minting, which we have now adopted as standard for our minting transactions throughout our ecosystem!

    Our partnership with Derp Birds started with the introduction of the PRED boss fight into RaggieRun. This is a very challenging and intense fight, and along with it we launched our second boss fight weapon - the shield - which we think is essential to protect points from this menace!

  • August 2022

    Wave 6 Sold Out

    We launched a further 1000 Raggies into the ecosystem in this Wave 6 mint. With recent limelight shone on Cardano hybrid addresses and the potential of using them to abuse a stake address-based whitelist system, we have designed a new whitelist verification mechanism by adding the public key hash of the whitelisted wallet address into the minting transaction. This ensures that spoofed addresses cannot sign the transaction.

    Our Wave 6 Mint was fully reserved in under 30 minutes into public mint, with all Raggies confirmed on chain by 2 hours!

  • September '22 & Beyond

    More to Come!

    What does the future hold? Our future is bright, if you ask me! With a fully function Free-to-Play, truly Play-to-Earn game, attractive original NFTs, powerhouse collaborations, a creative and consistently delivering team, a native token that is already live on a mainstream DEX, our project is uniquely placed in the Cardano NFT ecosystem as one of the premium projects that has achieved what many couldn't.

    Our immediate upcoming priorities include:

    Expanding our range of RaggieRun add-ons on offer

    Developing a stable iOS version of RaggieRun

    Working on further major RaggieRun collaborations and partnerships

    Improvements to first RaggieRun boss fight and implementing an in-game loot box drop system

    Implementation of different game modes in RaggieRun

    Development of next collaborative game

    Automating project "hygiene" work

    and much more that we can't wait to disclose when the time is right!

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