Our Partners

As a long term project, we strongly believe in the power of real, lasting collaborations which bring value to all of the Cardano community. Therefore we have strategically decided on projects to partner with in order to build these connections and create mutual value that benefits the CNFT space in general.

BlockOwls is a community-driven 3D animated story built on Cardano. The project is the brainchild of Kent, a professional animator who single-handedly created a full range of 52 different BlockOwls for the initial launch of the project. The project has gained a lot of attention within the CNFT space and has experienced massive growth and adoption with an extremely passionate and active community, making it one of the most successful new projects in the CNFT space!

BlockOwls are our official long term partner project. Our partnership began with the implementation of BlockOwls in our game, RaggieRun, and the creation of a brand new BlockOwls special leaderboard for the community to enjoy a more challenging gameplay and higher rewards. We have also created a whole series of unique 1/1 CryptoRaggies x BlockOwls NFTs for the weekly champions of the BlockOwls special leaderboard for 12 weeks in a row!