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Marvel over your amazingly cute collection of Raggies here! Click "Manage Account" to view your Raggies' stats, level up, and more!

You can also connect your Discord account and enable sending and receiving XP tips in our server! Once connected, if you have a VIP Plushie, please scroll to the Plushies section and claim your exclusive role!

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Thank you for being part of our wonderful community! You will find your achievement awards here!

My Plushies

Plushies VIP Benefits

Plushies are the VIP tokens within our ecosystem. Holders of Plushies gain priority access to all our mints regardless of whitelist status. They also get regular $RAG airdrops every 2 weeks, special discord role titles, exclusive in-game perks and early access and previews of all the work we do on the project!

My Special Raggies

Special Raggies Benefits

Many of our Special Raggies bring with them huge benefits. All our 1/1 unique collaborative Raggie NFTs come with a special minting discount, allowing the holder to mint our Raggies for 18 ADA regardless of the minting price tier! Some, such as the Useless Raggie and the Festive Raggie, are pure collectibles which do not come with a minting discount benefit but nonetheless extremely cute!

My In-game Items

Upgrade Items

Our in-game items can be used in RaggieRun, and more will be launched for RaggieRun and all our future games too! They are designed to be upgradable, so check out our RaggieStore to find out what upgrades are available for your items!

Some of the time-bound add-ons can be offered to Blaze the Raggie Almighty by burning them in RaggieShrine for an entry into a raffle to win exclusive prizes!

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